Bobly the future for consumer analytics

Touch-less screen technology

The cleanest interface ever. Gesture
control powered by Bobly’s SMART CHIP
allows hand tracking to operate
interactively with all OUR solutions
without touching the screen.

Bobly Engagement Software

Facial tracking with smart AI software that counts the number of views and attention time. We detect gender, age ( young, adult, senior), emotions (happy, surprise, neutral, angry). All displayed trough a LIVE dashboard

End To End Service

  • Engineering team
  • Custom Hardware
  • System integration
  • Success team
  • Remote control
  • Data analytics
  • Software team
  • Device management
  • APP/GUI design

The Successful Deployment



Bobly Analytics

Live Dashboard, Shopper analytics, Sales forecasting, Device data

App Maintenance

APP/GUI development, Wireless updates

Device Management

Device health, Remote control, Firmware maintenance

Secured Network

Kiosk mode, PII-verification, help meet security requirements
of the US FDA, EU MDR, ISO 13485.

Warehouse Management

Inventory & Supply chain, Remote controlled

Field Teams

24/7 Service, Replenishment & Logistics